monday - saturday 10am to 6pm

closed sunday

Spinning Spider Creamery​​​

Fresh Chevre

  • Plain

  • Summer Garden

  • Garlic Dill

  • Pepperberry

  • Rosemary Fig

  • Lemon



Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery


  • Asiago Peppercorn

  • Naked Cheddar

  • Aged Gorgonzola

English Farmstead


Ashford Cheddar



Yellow Branch Farmstead

Yellow Branch Farmstead Cheese

A mild, buttery, full-bodied flavor. It is equally suitable as a dessert cheese and pairs well with fresh or dried fruit. It melts wonderfully and can be grated when chilled.

Yellow Branch Basil

Made with fresh basil organically grown in the vegetable garden and adds a delicate basil flavor to the creamy cheese.

Dare Vegan Cheese


Melty Mozz

French Onion

Peppercorn Truffle

Game Changer Gouda

Seasonal/Smoked Tomato

Roasted Garlic Brie

Seasonal Wedge/Pickled Onion

South Slope Cheese Spreads

  • Mediterranean

  • Smoked Salmon & Caper

  • Cajun Seafood

  • Sweet Pepper Cheddar (our version of pimento cheese)

Looking Glass Creamery

  • Ridgeline

          A mild, washed curd cheese that is easy and approachable with a            clean milky taste and beautiful on the plate.


  • Chocolate Lab

Washed in Stout Beer from Highland Brewing throughout it’s aging process, this aromatic cheese has many loyal fans. It has a unique and robust flavor so you either love it or you hate it. Upon emerging from the cellars this cheese is finished rubbed in Cacao nibs from French Broad Chocolate. It pairs well with full bodied wines or a stout beer.​​

  • Green River Blue

A soft ripened cow's milk blue cheese

Round Mountain Creamery

          Mild and Creamy:

          Jazzed Goat

          Nutty Blueberry

          Cran-nut Zest

          Goat With a Kick

Three Graces Dairy

  • Chloe

           Cow milk named after one of our Guernsey cows mild, creamy paste with             an explosion of cumin seeds, a spice much favored in European cheeses


  • Brebis De Pays – Simple farmhouse sheep milk cheese means “ewe of the countryside” firm yet springy, often imparting floral notes of the pasture, mild, milky flavor as it ages, reminiscent of a Pecorino.


  • Meadow  Goat milk young Tomme, made from milk of goats grazing on mountain pastures grassy, floral notes of the meadow.

  • Goldie Gouda




        Walk in the Woods



         Crottin (goat)

         Crottin Aged (goat)

Sunburst Trout


  • Rainbow Trout Dep

  • Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout

  • Hickory Smoked Rainbow Trout