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Looking Glass Creamery


A mild, washed curd cheese that is easy and approachable with a clean milky taste and beautiful on the plate. 


Chocolate Lab

Washed in Stout Beer from Highland Brewing throughout it’s aging process, this aromatic cheese has many loyal fans. It has a unique and robust flavor so you either love it or you hate it. Upon emerging from the cellars this cheese is finished rubbed in Cacao nibs from French Broad Chocolate Lounge. It pairs well with full bodied wines or a stout beer.



This raw milk Alpine style cheese is made in a traditional larger format. We wine wash the surface during early aging and a natural rind builds from there. Every week we turn and brush the wheels during their time in the cellars. Each wheel weighs in at 20 lbs or more. This hard cheese is nutty, grassy and sustaining.


Drovers Road

A traditional English Style milled Cheddar. Warm, medium sharp with caramel notes.

 Round Mountain Creamery

Mild and Creamy 

Our "Mild and Creamy" cheese is the work horse of our line. Its gentle flavors and smooth texture can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. Crumble onto salads, mix into sauces, or spread on bagels for a delicious breakfast.

Jazzed Goat 

An RMC Original! A soft spreadable cheese with a Feta kick. Great for salads and pastas!

From the Garden

Bursting with flavor this soft cheese includes Tomatoes, Chives, Carrots, Green and Red Bell Peppers, Basil and Olive Oil. 

Smackin' Garlic 

Fresh chopped garlic and a sprinkle of parsley give this cheese big flavor. Makes great h'ordeuvres and a killer spread for deli sandwiches. 

Goat With a Kick 

Our Mild and Creamy cheese spiced up by rolling it in Chili powder, Lemon Zest, and Chives. 


Three Graces Dairy


Cow milk named after one of our Guernsey cows mild, creamy paste with an explosion of cumin seeds, a spice much favored in European cheeses



Goat milk young Tomme, made from milk of goats grazing on mountain pastures grassy, floral notes of the meadow


Pas de Trois 

Cow/goat/sheep milks our newest Tomme, blended milks yields our most complex flavor


Goldie Gouda

A traditional cow milk Gouda rich, bright color created only by using Guernsey cow milk when cattle are grazing on grass as it ages, develops a sherry flavor and often a delightful crunch of protein crystals.


Cow milk classic pungency, creamy texture, orange rind, produced in the style of traditional Muenster.

St. Paulin

Cow milk mild, creamy paste with a hint of the “stinky cheese” family to which it belongs orangey rind produced by regular washing during its affinage.

Spinning Spider Creamery

Bailey Mountain Tomme

Alpine type cheese with a fruity, complex flavor and a hand washed natural rind.



Swiss Alpine style cheese with a rind hand rubbed with chocolate and spices. It has a dry, nutty sharpness and a full flavor. 

Fresh Chevre


Summer Garden


Rosemary Fig


Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery

Mountain Dane

An Appalachian twist on the traditional Havarti recipe, our cave-aged version is slightly tangy and firm.  This cheese melts well and is a unique addition to a cheese board.  Wheels weigh in around 6 pounds and age in the cave for a minimum of six months.


Naked Cheddar

This is our youngest Cheddar that we cave-age for three months.  It has a balanced, mild flavor.  Chunks nicely for a cheese board and goes well with beer, cider and full reds.  The cheese melts well in recipes and it’s vegetarian.


English Farmstead

Buttercup TEMP OUT

soft mild  cow's milk cheese.

Asheford Cheddar Reserve



Yellow Branch Farmstead

Yellow Branch Farmstead Cheese 

A mild, buttery, full-bodied flavor. It is equally suitable as a dessert cheese and pairs well with fresh or dried fruit. It melts wonderfully and can be grated when chilled.


Yellow Branch Pepper Cheese 

Made with jalapeno peppers organically grown in our garden and ripened to a bright red. The peppers add a spicy, piquant flavor.


Yellow Branch Basil 

Made with fresh basil organically grown in the vegetable garden and adds a delicate basil flavor to the creamy cheese.


Dare Vegan Cheese

Port Wine Cashew