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An assorted delight of 

Give your favorite cheese the perfect complement with our selection of fine meats, tin fish, caviar, and pate. We have everything you need to turn your cheese into an exceptional platter.

A savory pairing to your favorite cheese. We have a wide selection of classics, like salami and prosciutto, along with a mix of local and regional speciality options.
Salumi Ialiani Sliced Salami Milano.jpg

Salami Milano

Salumi Italiani

Sliced pork salami from Italy

Sliced Coppa Italiana

Salumi Italiani

Dry cured pork shoulder - prolonged natural air-curing

Spotted Trotter Sujuk Salami_edited.jpg

Sliced Soppressata

Salumi Italiani

Traditional salami soppressata packed with black peppercorn and slow-aged.

Salumi Italiani Sliced Speck Italiano _edited.jpg

Prosciutto Italiano

Salumi Italiani

Hand coated in Himalayan Sea Salt and slowly cured for 12 months. 

Maestri Black Forest Schinken_edited.jpg

Black Forest Schinken


Authentic Black Forest ham cured in the Black Forest region, using sea salt and natural spices

Spotted Trotter Duck Prosciutto_edited.jpg

Duck Prosciutto

Spotted Trotter

Marinated in Star Anise, Nutmeg, Garlic and Black Pepper this is a delicate and rich meat.

Spotted Trotter Finocchiona Salami_edited.jpg

Finocchiona Salami

Spotted Trotter

Made just as the Italians make it in Tuscany and named after it's key ingredient - fennel.

Sliced Speck Italiano

Salumi Italiani

Slow cured, seasoned ham naturally smoked with Beechwood

Salumi Italiani Sliced Mortadella_edited.jpg

Sliced Mortadella

Salumi Italiani

Slow cooked finely ground pork with special spices and pistachios.

Spotted Trotter Sujuk Salami_edited.jpg

Sliced Genoa

Salumi Italiani

Loaded with flavor and hast just the right amount of bite. 

Maestri Speck Italiano_edited.jpg

Speck Italiano


Dry-cured in the Italian Alps, using European pork hams, sea salt. Seasoned with local herbs.

Maestri Salame Rustico_edited.jpg

Salame Rustico


Traditionally dry-cured in the Parma region. Seasoned with pepper, garlic and natural spices.

Spotted Trotter Black Truffle Mustard Seed_edited.jpg

Black Truffle Mustard

Spotted Trotter

Cured pork salami with a blend of special spices, black truffle, and mustard seed.

Spotted Trotter Uncured Black Pepper Sorghum Salami_edited.jpg

Sorghum Salami

Spotted Trotter

Uncured pork salami made with a blend of black pepper and sorghum syrup.

Salami Calabrese

Salumi Italiani

Hot & spicy sliced salami

Spotted Trotter Sujuk Salami_edited.jpg

Sujuk Salami

Spotted Trotter

Lamb & Beef Armenian-style salami with cumin, garlic, and Georgia sumac.

Spotted Trotter Bresaola_edited.jpg


Spotted Trotter

Razor-thin beef eye round marinated in Italian aromatics, orange, rosemary, and wine.

Maestri Jamon Serrano_edited.jpg

Jamon Serrano


Slow-cured for at least 12 months in Cataluña (Spain), using only natural products.

Spotted Trotter Coppa_edited.jpg


Spotted Trotter

Marinated in Urfa Biber Pepper, Smoked Pimenton and Garlic. Fermented and cured for 4 weeks

Spotted Trotter Spicy Chupacabra_edited.jpg

Spicy Chupacabra

Spotted Trotter

Spicy beef and goat salami finished with red chili flake, serrano, allepo, and pasilla chili

Always remember that this list is not necessarily an accurate reflection of our current stock in store. If you have questions about availability, don't hesitate to contact us via email, chat, or phone.
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